Let us give you a short introduction to ‘Dolpo Region’ – one of the best trekking regions in the Himalayas of Nepal. In this region, you fully enjoy Dolpo’s extraordinary natural beauty captured in the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Caravan’. Also, you witness the crystal clear freshwater of Phoksundo Lake, enjoy the most scenic mountains, explore hidden valleys and ancient shrines such as Shey Gompa.
Entering into Dolpo region, you will feel like being on a different planet within the earth. Opened up for tourism in 1989, the Dolpo Region Trek offers you unforgettable adventures in your life – Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Sisne, Mt. Kanjirowa, Lake Phoksundo, Tibetan plateau, yak caravans and over 130 Gompas. You pass through Himalayan passes, reach Dho-Tarap – one of the highest settlements on earth, meet Himalayan People (Tibetan origin), observe their Buddhist culture, visit Gompas and feel the warmth of organic hospitality.
Also, you trek in the Shey-Phoksundo National Park – the country’s largest conservation area, accompanied by natural flora and fauna, see several species of birds and animals, may encounter Himalayan sheep, musk deer, jackals and snow leopards.
You will feel surprised seeing growing crops, animal husbandry and trading at this higher altitude. In Dolpo, crops (mainly barley) can be grown once a year. In some lower villages, we see people growing buckwheat, oilseed, potato and radish. You will explore the harsh life of the Dolpali people.
Sustainable Adventure Nepal Team offers a wide range of trekking packages (or beginner to experienced trekkers) suitable for your interests, time, budget and physical fitness. We provide short to long treks, difficult to luxurious treks – Upper Dolpo Tre, Beni – Lower Dolpo Trek and Lower Dolpo Trek.